Edmundo Llopis

Senior Advisor

Edmundo is an IT and Operations Innovator with over 20 years of experience leading high-impact teams in financial services, hospitality and government. Throughout his career, he has been focused on organizational transformation, leading change by introducing new business processes, technologies and organizational models.

From successfully managing the development and operations of Information Technology for American Express to developing Internet, Retail and Corporate banking products for Citigroup, he has demonstrated his capability as both a leader and visionary time and time again. As Chief Architect and CTO, Edmundo led Citigroup’s Corporate Technology Architecture team. In that capacity, he focused on architecting and developing enterprise-wide systems, put in place “big data” capabilities, introduced agile development methodologies and provided thought leadership for Citigroup’s Corporate Technology and Systems management teams.

Most recently Edmundo has been developing and implementing transformational strategies leveraging cloud platforms from Google, Microsoft and Amazon for clients in the hospitality and government sectors.

Edmundo’s education includes an M.S. in Software Engineering and Management Information Systems.


1395 Brickell Avenue, Suite 800
Miami, FL 33129